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I can accept the fact that it is fake, but can anyone tell me the major give-away?

Fake mercury and Roosevelt dimes

My knee-jerk reaction is that the "D" is far less worn than everything else and kinda stands out like a sore thumb. TequilaDave said: My knee-jerk reaction is that the "D" is far less worn than everything else and kinda stands out like a sore thumb.

Okay, I can certainly see the point you're making. Good eye.

1916-D Dime Attracts Coin Doctors and Counterfeiters!

The shape of the D is always important to examine. It is kind of tall and boxy The inside is triangular in shape. The serifs are never pointy. The same D punch was used on all four reverses same used on the 'D cent, in fact. Two of the four are repunched with the upper left corner notched. Great question with a good picture to answer it with , and great answers.

It's the kind of education this Forum can share, and why it's great to come here. Thanks lkeigwin for the education, I can clearly see the difference on those pictures when you show them like that. Click here for the full site Terms and Conditions.

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