Career As An Actor: What They Do, How to Become One, and What the Future Holds!

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In a nutshell, Auten oversees every aspect of SXSW Interactive and V2V, including location, speaker selection, and logistics, and manages the support staff that help her prepare for the events. Which is perfect for someone with so many diverse interests. At some point at the age of 17, I realized that was a terrible, terrible decision.

The Best Actors Don’t Get Ready, They Stay Ready

But when he found the growing travel website and a position that matched his skills in organization and making things happen, he went for it. Originally, Megan Mahoney had plans of becoming an interior designer. Soon, however, she switched gears and began studying Spanish, teaching ESL in Argentina, and working in an early childhood education nonprofit. It was only through that last experience, where she worked with victims of human trafficking and those seeking asylum, that she finally found her true passion for human rights and discovered Heartland Alliance, the leading anti-poverty organization in the Midwest.

With every intention to go to law school and become an attorney, Marc Stillman studied political science and economics at the University of Utah. In the process of filling out law school applications, however, he suddenly had the realization that a legal career might not be the right fit for him. While law focuses on precedent and the past, Stillman wanted a forward-thinking role.

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Several organizations have evolved who specialize in this field. Moreover, with high use of social media, its role has become ever more important than ever. Mass communication is a great career option for creative individuals who want to, not just acknowledge their skills but use it as a power to influence the masses with their work. It gives you the satisfaction of making a difference with your hard work that most of us are so desired to achieve.

And, the salary is quite satisfying too! Unlike earlier times, when having good communication skills and a literature degree was enough to get into journalism, today, it requires the possession of not just skills but the intelligence and ability to efficiently send the message to the audience. So, now you have professional mass communication courses you must be indulged in to get mass communication jobs in this field. You need a degree. You need to go to college, complete the course and get a degree.

But unlike commerce, engineering and medical, there is no pre-defined technique or mechanism to be into mass communication.

The Best Actors Don’t Get Ready, They Stay Ready

The only key is experience. The more knowledge you gather in your journey of gaining experience, the better Journalist or advertiser you are.

  1. She had trouble landing great leading roles!
  2. From Narromine to the Nile: Jessie Tomlins - An Australian Army Nurse in the First World War. (The History of Australian Nurses in the First World War: ... Centenary Commemorative Trilogy. Book 1)?
  3. 180 Tage Wednesday: Familien-Segel-Abenteuer (German Edition).
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A higher degree, personal experience in writing or other communication media shows that you are a perfect choice! Get the edge over your competition by polishing your communication skills as early as possible. Your maturity is what will get you through the tough times in this field.

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There are a lot of options available out there, yes, but you just cannot get up one day and decide to become an RJ and you would become one! Every role has its requirements and you must fulfill them in order to play that role well. Radio Jockeys are required to have complete knowledge of their city and also the current affairs of the world.

They must know how to grip their audience because their voice is their only weapon. You must know where the interests of your listeners lie. As far as Journalism and news media is concerned, though you would be reading off of a teleprompter, the job expects you to be completely immersed in the affairs of the world.

You have to know what is happening in the USA currently and what happened in Germany years ago.


How the past is affecting the present and what the future holds for everybody, you must know it all! Filming and directing is not an easy job either. You cannot give your audience films that already pictured that story. To give a crowd of millions what they desire in the most appropriate manner can be really challenging.

10 Successful Actors Who NEVER Went To Acting School

Speaking of appropriate, that is something you must keep in mind when you get into mass communication. You have to remember that you are influencing people of all ages and manner and that means you must know what is right and for whom? It is either right or wrong, there is no grey area here!