Dealing with People. How to Avoid Frustration and not be a Jerk

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Yes, you are actually trying to get yourself pissed off…. The tension in your forehead. Your face getting flushed. Muscles tensing. Now those thoughts and stories are going to bubble up. When you feel physical pain, you recognize it as a signal.

Toxic People: 12 Things They Do and How to Deal with Them

Then return to noticing sensations. Notice them. Then return your attention to the sensations in your body again. Thoughts will keep coming. Let go of interpretation, focus on sensation. If you begin to label or judge the sensations, notice that evaluation or judgment, and then bring your attention back to noticing the sensations as just sensations.

Bring your attention to any thoughts that are present, focusing on just noticing these thoughts as thoughts without attaching to them. Ever fill out an insurance report? Stick to the facts in a neutral way. Judgments will just add fuel to the fire of your anger and make everything harder.

Focus on sensation, not interpretation. Objectively label. Do this for minutes or until you notice the emotions start to subside.


With practice, it will get easier to be the calm at the center of the storm. To learn 6 rituals from ancient wisdom that will make you happy, click here. Still time to nip it in the bud.


Anger produces those physical changes, thoughts and behaviors — and, in turn, those physical changes, thoughts and behaviors increase your anger. Ever start getting worked up, the angry thoughts come, and those thoughts just amplify your negativity? So when you notice those signals you want to short circuit the loop before it makes things worse. By modifying each of these components of your anger, you can keep them from intensifying the emotion, giving you more time to get your feelings under control.

Physical : Instead of those short shallow breaths, you slow down your exhalation and take deep breaths from your diaphragm. Cognitive : Use the skills from your training. Objectively label the thoughts and feelings instead of identifying with them. Behavioral : Clenching your fists just tightens muscles and makes you more stressed. At best, reducing the components of anger can stop you from acting out.

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But at the very least it will buy you time to use other techniques. To learn more about how mindfulness can make your brain happy, click here.

19 Strategies on How to Let Go of Anger and Resentment

What do you do first? Just stop. Your judgment is impaired. Do not trust that voice in your head. Take a few breaths. You have a very loose hold on your emotions. What now?

Remember your mind training, young Jedi. We faced the Dark Side alone in preparation for this moment way back in Clickbait Heading 3. Put those skills to work:. Keep your mental distance. Keep labeling.

Situation #1: Getting the Team Behind Your Plan

And if your angry moment involves another person, um, this is going to be a little awkward at first — you standing there frozen, doing your mindful best, as they wonder what exactly is happening. The alternative is you going nuclear. Once you get a handle on things ask for a moment to think — or leave, if possible. With time, the anger will dissipate. It never feels like it will in the moment, but it always does.

And the more you practice, the quicker it will vanish. To learn the 5 questions that will make you emotionally strong, click here. Time to round it all up — and learn how anger can be very useful….

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  6. Anger has been a whipping boy for this entire post. Anger can be an extremely motivating and energizing emotion, giving you the fuel you need to break through barriers, persist, and work hard to achieve a goal.

    We rarely want to embrace it and run with it. But we do want to listen to it. Join over , readers. From The DBT Skills Workbook for Anger : Mindfulness involves paying attention to, contemplating, and noticing something while letting go of judgments and assumptions. From The DBT Skills Workbook for Anger : …all emotions are made up of three components: physical the way your body responds when you experience an emotion , cognitive the thoughts that go along with the emotion , and behavioral the things you do or have urges to do when you experience an emotion.

    Rudeness begets rudeness and hurts productivity

    So with your list of triggers, you want to add the answers to these questions: What physical things happen to you when you get angry? Does your heart pound? Breathing gets shallow? Do you feel hot?

    Rudeness is bad for our health and wellbeing

    What thoughts usually go through your head? What behaviors do you engage in? Disconnect from them emotionally, and physically separate yourself from situations you know will likely lead to negative interactions. Find trusted, like-minded people who will help you feel supported and less alone. They can bring objectivity to the situation and help brainstorm ways to deal with a difficult person. And, sometimes all we really want is to vent and feel heard. Knowing that your peeps have your back can give you the resilience and strength to handle almost anything. If someone is constantly needling you and focusing on your flaws , you can equalize the power dynamic by applying pressure on them to reduce their difficult behavior.

    This will only give them more power. Instead, flip the script and put the spotlight on them.