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It was the fourth-fewest sacks for an NFL team since sacks became an official statistic nearly 40 years ago, and Clelin Ferrell, the defensive end drafted fourth overall by the Raiders this year, has not looked like he will add much to that total. The Raiders will move to Las Vegas next year and need a face of the franchise.

Banner Saga 2 - Let's Play Part 2: Driftwood Battle [Hard]

So far that face has been Jon Gruden. So much for that.

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Gruden demands that players give all of themselves in practice, but he moved heaven and earth to accommodate a player who refused to practice at all. Brown threatened to punch Mayock on Thursday and the Raiders declined to suspend him so that he could play on Monday. Gruden is unfireable until , when the coastlines of the world are projected to be overrun by the sea.

The only thing Hard Knocks showed us this year was how much censorship power teams apparently have over what HBO which is an initial investor in The Ringer can air. In one of the most dramatic sagas between a team and a player that did not involve the law ever, Hard Knocks showed a version where everything between Brown and Gruden was sunshine and rainbows.

The two-minute YouTube video Brown posted on Friday night was better produced and gave more inside access to the Raiders than anything on Hard Knocks this year. The Brown situation is a debacle for the show, which had the meatiest of meatballs pitched down the middle of the plate and promptly whiffed. It will also make teams even more wary of letting the show into their building, which owners are already reluctant to do, as coaches and executives likely understand how much of a headache Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock went through to ensure so little information got out.

In the words of Stephen A. Smith, this move is an unmitigated catastrophe. Now Brown will be on the other sideline, and while he will not play, he will be in their nightmares the rest of the season.

This is an incredible plot twist after the Steelers looked like geniuses for getting rid of Brown. This is the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers and general manager Kevin Colbert. Colbert traded away Brown, whose 9, yards over the last six seasons is the most for any receiver in any six-year stretch in NFL history, in March for third- and fifth-round picks.

The Ripple Effects of Antonio Brown Signing With the Patriots - The Ringer

This, in retrospect, was the best move the Steelers have made in years. It is difficult to imagine how much more intense this story could have been if Brown had remained in Pittsburgh, where his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger and JuJu Smith-Schuster was boiling over. This would have been 10 times worse if they kept him. The Tigers toppled the Crimson Tide in one of the most entertaining and ridiculous games of the season.

What does this result mean for the playoff picture? In the fourth installment, our hero thinks he finds a safe place to lie low—but ends up putting his adorable green companion in danger. Younghoe Koo established himself as an onside-kick genius. And Ole Miss literally!

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