How to Carry a Handgun For Women

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As for the Kahr CW , the beveled slide edges makes it look like the classy version of any Glock. The Kahr CW also has the shortest slide length at 4. To me this is another major selling point for these pistols. SIGs are some of the better pistols money can buy. While 2. Having only a 5. In fact, of all subcompact handguns on this list, only the Kahr PM9 beats it for having the shortest slide length, which makes the P the second most easily concealable 9mm handgun here.

As for the SIGP , its 2. A great feature these two SIG pistols share, for me at least, is they require no tools to field-strip. For the purposes of this article though, I would have to give these two the lowest rank in their respective categories. Glock online fanboy wars.

5 Tips for Women's Concealed Carry

Unlike its ancient predecessor, the R51 was planned to be chambered for the 9mm. Due to problems surrounding mass production of these handguns, manufacturing was postponed. Glock popularized polymer frame pistols and it was only a few decades later that Remington gets to play catch up.

All the historical tidbits aside, the new R51 Gen 2 released just last year are every bit as reliable as Glocks or any polymer pistols chambered for the 9mm on the market today. Remington has learned a lot of lessons from the first R These new handguns have a 3. While that might sound like a deal breaker, consider the price. These guns are made by a top-notch gun manufacturer in the U. The RM has a 2.

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It also weighs significantly less at And as with the other handguns on this list that do not require any kind of tool to field-strip, I like how Remington has made it easy to take down these pistols for cleaning. It boasts of a gas-delayed blowback system which in theory makes for a softer recoil even when a lighter recoil spring is installed.

The lighter recoil spring allows for an easier time racking the slide. Measuring 3. This will translate to slightly faster bullet velocities and slightly better terminal performance for the 9mm cartridge, but it comes at a cost — the slide being longer to accommodate the longer barrel will be slightly more challenging to conceal. This makes the CCP the second longest subcompact handgun on this list, with its closest rival the Remington R51 being the longest. But the CCP is not as cheap as the R51, and with its slide measuring 6. It also gets a deduction for requiring a takedown tool to field strip it.

So where was I on that James Bond bit? Unlike most other ultra-compact polymer-framed pistols chambered for. It also has a 3.

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  6. Best handguns for women.

The PPK is also one of the more expensive. So what does it have going for it?

Our Top Choices

And at last, we come to our last recommendation: two of the heaviest pistols on the list from an Argentinian firearms manufacturing company, Bersa. The Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro is the only double stack handgun chambered for 9mm on this list. The closest competitor to the Thunder Plus in the bang-for-buck department has to be the Taurus Curve. The choice between having a heavier handgun that has literally more firepower with 13 to 15 rounds of.

Yeah, makes sense. Although there have been a few reports of malfunctions on some of these guns, the ones we test-fired in the range worked without hiccups.

The Top 10 Guns Women Buy

I created a graph that attempts to rank each of the 20 handguns listed on their relative strengths and weaknesses. Beretta Nano, 9mm 3. SIG P, 9mm 4. Ruger LC9, 9mm 5. Beretta Pico,.

The Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women

Remington R51, 9mm 7. Kahr PM9, 9mm 8. Remington RM,.

Also, the Taurus Curve might not be on my Top 10 picks, but do note that it features a laser attachment integrated to its frame and it is the only pistol in this article that has that feature. Attach a laser to it and your lady will be one happy camper. With the plethora of handguns being marketed as concealed carry weapons today, picking the right piece for women is never going to be easy.

If you need more handgun recommendations, Gun News Daily has you covered. There are lots of great handgun options that are perfectly comfortable for a woman to […]. I have trouble with my kal Tec Revolver has less movement, is virtually foolproof, and does not mess the environment up with a lot of spent cartridges. Downside is more noise.

The Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women – 2018

Yes, and I have the same problem. Was hoping that you might make some suggestions on caliber and brand of revolver for her. As far as revolver calibers the lowest you and her should go for is the. But you might want to consider the. These revolvers can be loaded with. Hi Mike, Great article! I am a female beginner considering my first purchase of a hand gun. So trigger pull is a challenge with this finger.

I was told I would have to learn to shoot with my left hand instead, fortunately my left arm is pretty much equal in strength to the right as I lead with my left from Orthodox stance What do you suggest? Budget is also a big issue too… Thank you! Hi Amber. Thanks for taking the time to read through the my article. Sorry to hear about your injury, indeed it can be difficult to find good handguns for left-handed users as majority of the people who shoot are right-handed. I did a quick research on all the other pistols I listed here, unfortunately none of them are left-handed-friendly.

I would highly recommend the platform for this reason.

5+ Best Handgun for Women Reviews - A Special Class of Guns

If I had the same injury you had though, I would train my left hand to actuate right-handed pistol controls. Thanks again for reading. Thank you Mike, I am able to use my left hand somewhat, I can write and type a bit, with my left but slowly.