How to Find a Life Coach - 10 Steps to Success

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But you need a navigator to steer you through the ebb and flow of life.

This may look simple but has immense implications as it can transform the way you live. Despite being a simple activity that everyone is ideally capable of, people fail when it comes to goal setting. An executive life coach can keep you on track. An effective goal setting process will be outlined by your coach and this plan will motivate and energise you.

Goal setting also works as a stressbuster as it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you achiever one goal after another. A coach can help you learn how to set goals and follow them to completion by outlining tried and tested goal setting techniques. You will also learn how to break down your overall goals into smaller time-bound and actionable steps that will ensure constant progress towards the final results you hope to achieve.

Tips from the Pros: How to Be Your Own Life Coach

Leadership can be on a personal level as well as at an organisational level. People need to understand their own potential and learn the art of spotting potential in others. It is a conditioning process through which one can set benchmarks for behaviour. Effective leadership is also about efficiently managing human resources and resolving any operational conflicts or issues arising out of company politics.

Almost everyone in professional life has one common wish.

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Yet, successful and happy people seem to simply glide through a lot more than we can manage in a day despite working crazy hours. The problem is not the lack of time, but, the poor management of it.

Can You Make a Good Living Being a Life Coach? - Kathy Caprino

It is only when we use tried and tested techniques of time management and make necessary modifications to our lifestyle that we can extract best value out of our time. Like a college degree, earning your life coaching certification is the best way to become an expert at your craft. Also like a college degree, it's going to cost you some money so choose your program wisely.

You definitely don't want to rush headfirst into this career, pay hefty sums for your certificate, and then decide it just isn't for you. The most popular and widely-respected book on the art of life coaching is Walks of Life , written by Jill M. Fratto, a certified life coach with the National Coach Academy.

How To Be A Life Coach: Life Coaching Tips From A Successful Life Coach

It's the most comprehensive book on the market for anyone looking to start their career as a life coach and it has helped thousands of young coaches get started in this field. Check it out and do some detailed online searches so you know what you are getting yourself into.

1. Go to Events and Network

When it comes time for you to start your own life coaching business, you'll discover that it's easier than ever to start a company. The downside to this fact is that the same holds true for a lot of so-called "life coach training programs" out there. Anyone with a website and a few business cards can start one, and it's your job to separate the real from the fake. Luckily, you have help. The International Coach Federation ICF is an organization whose sole purpose is to promote the advancement of the life coaching industry around the world.

For over 10 years, the ICF has developed rigorous standards that all schools must follow in order to receive their prestigious accreditation. ICF accreditation is quickly becoming the gold standard for all life coach certification programs. When looking for the perfect coaching program that fits your needs, be sure you only choose programs that are ICF accredited. For example, the Georgetown University Center for Continuing and Professional Education focuses primarily on leadership coaching, and only offers in-person training. In other words, you physically have to be in Washington D.

On the other hand, Academic Life Coaching in Portland, Oregon specializes in coaching for students and teens, and offers all of their coaching online via video-conferencing.

Anyone in the world, regardless of their physical location, can be a student at ALC. Both of these programs are ICF-accredited and both are taught by world-class life coaches, but they differ in practically every other dimension. While some may like the convenience of ALC's remote training, others may prefer the intimate, face-to-face environment that Georgetown offers.

Likewise, some coaches are business-oriented and have a passion for bringing the best out of CEOs and high level managers. Others may feel a connection with the younger generation and derive fulfillment from helping them find direction and purpose. As a life coach, not only will you be focusing in on your client's deepest motivations, you'll need to dig deep within yourself and decide what segment of the population you enjoy working with most. As is the case with most entrepreneurial ventures, it helps to specialize.

Get Matched From Over 300+ Certified Life Coaches

No one wants to speak with a generalist; everyone wants someone who they think uniquely understands their particular situation in life. Whether you enjoy speaking with seniors or have a passion for helping busy professionals find balance in their lives, specializing in the coaching area that you're most passionate about is an excellent first step in creating your own personal brand.

As the world around us becomes more complex and the personal relationships we maintain get harder to manage, the need for professional life coaches becomes greater with each passing day. Everyone longs for a profitable career that they feel passionate about, and becoming a life coach is one of those few professions that can offer both.

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Before you go out and find the life coach certification program that suits you best, take a few days to understand what life coaching is and what life coaching is not , understand the programs, and most of all, gain a deeper understanding of what you want out of this career. Good luck and don't forget to check out my travel blog www. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Step 1: Do Your Homework. Before you pay another company to give you an education, you've got to educate yourself.