Isabel I (LIBROS ELECTRONICOS COL) (Spanish Edition)

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Translated from the original Turkish edition. The pair soon find themselves in the middle of a romantic and dangerous adventure. Strong language and some violence. Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew, has been transported to Auschwitz. When the Nazis discover he can speak multiple languages, he is put to work tattooing the incoming prisoners. He does what he can to keep his fellow prisoners alive and falls in love with Gita.

Loving vs. Some strong language. For one night, Laura Kelley decides to rebel, but the consequences of that night are far reaching. Two years later, she becomes the seamstress for poet Edna St.

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Vincent Millay. Their relationship is fraught as each deals with the issues of reputation. Some descriptions of sex.

Soon after the Christmas holidays, a fire engulfs the home of Donal Donnelly, leaving his family with only the clothes they were wearing. The villagers of Ballybucklebo rally around them to give aid. Meanwhile, Doctor Barry Laverty and his wife contemplate medical intervention to conceive a child. Copyboy DB 7 hours 0 minutes by Vince Vawter read by Doug Ramsdell Several years after the events in Paperboy DB , Victor, now seventeen and a copyboy at the newspaper, sets out on a journey to spread the ashes of his friend and mentor. Along the way he discovers new friends and an inner strength.

She travels to Russia to marry him and becomes Catherine.

She navigates court intrigues to become legendary. Some violence and some descriptions of sex.

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Desperate for story ideas, novelist Sarah Blake opens the forbidden chest of her great-grandfather, who served on a German U-boat in What she uncovers leads to the stories of a Southern belle and a con woman who traveled on the doomed Lusitania. A Christmas to Remember: An Anthology DB 14 hours 27 minutes by Lisa Kleypas and others read by Deborah Desmone Four holiday short stories from popular historical romance writers, originally written between and Maddie is determined to play matchmaker and believes the perfect man for Amy is an employee of the school Maddie attends.

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  • But Amy is hesitant after a past heartbreak. When their father is unjustly arrested and their mother abandons them, seventeen-year-old Francisco and his eight-year-old sister, Pilar, must move to the dirty, dehumanizing, and corrupt prison to live with their father. Her career and marriage in tatters, Sunshine heads home, looking for a way to start over. Each member of the family has to adjust to their new situation. As he struggles with his identity, he searches for a way out.

    Translated from the original French edition. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Two people, his boyfriend, Linus, and his best friend, Angela, keep him sane. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. As she explores the city and engages with its denizens, she also explores her inner subconscious. She reflects on past love affairs even as she immerses herself in present ones. Explicit descriptions of sex. His niece, Gemma, shows up out of the blue from America with ideas for helping him turn his business around and win back Estelle.

    Ten siempre un buen libro que escuchar y leer cuando y como quieras.

    But Gemma is hiding something. When Eve receives an anonymous, amorous text from an admirer, it leads her online for a journey of sexual discovery. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Note Worthy DB 12 hours 24 minutes by Riley Redgate read by MacKenzie Beyer After failing another audition during her junior year at Kensington-Blaine Academy for the Performing Arts, Jordan Sun decides to take a chance on auditioning for the open slot with the Sharpshooters, an all-male a cappella octet.

    Ten siempre un buen libro que escuchar y leer cuando y como quieras.

    Sophia; or, The Beginning of All Tales DB 15 hours 10 minutes by Rafik Schami read by Alec Volz The tale of Karim and Sophia wends its way through decades from when they first meet and Sophia falls in love with him, but marries a goldsmith instead. Translated from the original German edition. Death-Cast sends alerts to people on the day they will die. Recently notified teenagers Mateo and Rufus meet using the Last Friend app and face the challenge of living a lifetime on their End Day.

    Then, she gets a call that her grandfather, Little Bill, has gone missing in South Dakota. Bill had a plan to bring Janelle to her senses, but it has gone wrong. When her ex-husband and his family rent the house nearby, Darcy is drawn into their drama. As the pressure mounts, Bird pushes everyone away—including her crush. The show plans to pit the competitors against actors hired by the producers to pretend to be terrorists, but then a group of real terrorists invades the set.

    Trap DB 10 hours 31 minutes by Robert K. However, as Butch Karp digs a little deeper, he discovers the explosion was the work of a mysterious serial arsonist. Tanenbaum read by Peter Berkrot When a cop shoots the son of a respected inner-city Baptist preacher, the community demands to have the officer prosecuted. In The Member of the Wedding , a young girl invites herself to the honeymoon. When a man attempts to frame him for a series of murders, he must rely on the help of his wife and his close friend, Oliver Rathbone.

    Emily and Colin race to find the killer. A long-ago hangout for smugglers, the building is full of secret tunnels. Aunt Dimity is on hand to help determine if odd noises are from fellow ghosts. Craven, matter-of-factly tells her that she murdered her first husband and buried him in the rose garden. There, the news only gets worse. So when one of the canyon mules is found stabbed to death—and its rider missing—Pine is called in to investigate. Duck Darley, Books 1—2 DB 20 hours 28 minutes by Casey Barrett read by Robert Sams The first two mysteries, written in and , in the series featuring former Olympic-hopeful swimmer Duck Darley, whose bad life choices resulted instead in a career of sorts as an unlicensed PI for the Manhattan elite.

    Includes Under Water and Against Nature. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex.

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    Her partner, Susan, has been brutally murdered, and Tanner is convinced that it was a case of mistaken identity. She suspects that she was the real target, possibly because of her recent work on a string of cold-case honor killings she believes to be related. But now that Glassbrook has died after spending the rest of his life in prison, events from the past begin repeating.

    Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Letty digs for clues. Robert B.

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    Chicago detective Nate Heller does legwork for Senator McCarthy but dislikes his witch-hunting tactics. When famous mystery writer Dashiell Hammett comes to Heller in a last-minute attempt to save the so-called atomic bomb spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Heller agrees to help. He is looking into the unsolved murder of a fifteen-year-old runaway, and when Ballard hears the details of the brutal killing, she decides to help Bosch.

    Alix London, Books 1—4 DB 36 hours 2 minutes by Charlotte Elkins and Aaron Elkins read by Catherine Byers Four books, written between and , featuring Alix London, a young art consultant in Seattle, Washington, who is the daughter of a convicted art forger. Estleman read by Joe Wilson Two crime novels, written in and , featuring Detroit private investigator Amos Walker. Includes The Left-Handed Dollar and Infernal Angels , in which a supposedly simple recovery assignment from a cop leads to a car crash and Amos being threatened with arrest for treason.

    Over the past month, three have vanished from the face of the earth, each leaving behind only one shoe. After one lands Ella in a psych ward, her son, Alex, is placed in foster care. Ella kidnaps Alex and flees to her hometown. Originally published in Danish in Dayna Anderson is determined to identify the masked man who killed a celebrity publicist at an ATM.

    She enlists the reluctant help of her mentor—former cop Aubrey S. Adams-Parker—who prefers less dangerous cases. Diving deeper into the case, Dayna gets a backstage look at gossip blogging, Hollywood royalty, and award shows. As the instigator obviously wants Poirot involved, Poirot obliges by engaging the help of Edward Catchpool, his Scotland Yard policeman friend, and digging into the investigation.

    Suspicious, she begins investigating his death—and looks to his book for clues.