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Its scope was strictly political and its approach openly ideological. These terms were later borrowed from the languages of other countries where the allure of German cartography was felt. Elsewhere, in Great Britain and the United States, these maps were generally termed propaganda maps or persuasive maps. Despite a recent rise in studies on global geopolitics during Fascism and Nazism, little attention has been devoted to the cartographic innovations of the time.

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Studies that have touched on this topic, mostly monographic papers, do not allow for an evaluation of possible links between earlier and later cartographic developments, or between developments occurring in different countries. This approach, which separates the phenomenon from its historical context, gives the impression that geopolitical cartography between the two world wars appeared, like a comet, out of nowhere and then simply vanished; that it was an isolated phenomenon with neither precursors nor successors.

Following World War II, geopolitical cartography was largely abandoned, presumably for the same reasons that had discredited geopolitical publications in general during the period in question: 1 the genre was considered a direct product of the propaganda machine of the dictatorial regimes; 2 it lacked scientific basis on a par with traditional cartography ; 3 it had no practical use, other than as a tool of propaganda. This paper intends to refute these three assumptions and to shed some light on this remarkable cartographical phenomenon.

What were the origins of this new way of representing space? Who used it and why? I would like to thank the editor and three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments on an earlier draft. Putzger, Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas.

Herb, Under the Map of Germany. Nationalism and Propaganda — London: Routledge ; M. Haushofer, E. Obst, H. Lautensach, O. Letoschek, Geographischer Repetitions- und Zeichen-Atlas. Europa Vienna: Im selbstverlage der Verfassers, k. Artillerie-Cadeten-Schule, Arsenal. Braun and A. Ehlermann Pudelko and A.

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In Spain the main promoter of geopolitical cartography was Jaime Vicens Vives, who attempted a classification of geopolitical symbols in his Tratado General de Geopolitica Barcelona: Ed. Vicens Vives p As far as the circulation of Geopolitica , some say 1, copies a month D. Dodds and D. Atkinson [eds. Atkinson note 22 p. Rivista Italiana di geopolitica 4 p.

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Morandi authored the cartograms of Sui confini dell'Africa Orientale Italiana: studi geopolitici sulla costa dei somali, sul Somaliland, sul Sudan anglo-egiziano, sul Chenia e Uganda , by Paolo D'Agostino Orsini di Camerota published in November The same is true of Ernesto Massi's La partecipazione delle colonie alla produzione delle materie prime. The first edition of the textbook made no mention of geopolitical cartography. Criticism appears for the first time in the second edition , and is later reaffirmed cf. Jacobsen, Karl Haushofer. Agnew, K.

Mitchell, and G. Toal eds.

Vinci, note 25 pp. Bonetti and F. Beyond the well-researched analyses on the relationship between cartography and Nazism, Herb, Under the Map of Germany note 5 pp. This, at least, is the opinion expressed by Boria note 31 p. A different opinion is expressed by M. Haack and M. Schmidt, Geopolitischer Typen-Atlas Gotha: Perthes ; the didactic objective of this work becomes clear already in the subtitle: Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Geopolitics. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl der besten Casinos nach einfachen Kriterien:. Wir haben Spielern geholfen, die besten Online Casino Seiten zu finden.

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