The Complete Guide to Bible Translations

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Today, we have Hebrew and Greek manuscripts that are much older and closer to the originals than those available to the scholars who originally translated the King James Version.

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Second, the English language itself has evolved in the last four hundred years. Third, numerous English versions exist today simply because different teams of scholars take different approaches to translating the texts. These approaches are generally described on a scale of formal equivalence word-for-word translations to functional equivalence thought-for-thought or meaning-for-meaning translations.

In order to be accurate and communicate well to their target audiences, translations have to mix formal and dynamic elements.

Different Bible Translations of God’s Word

Translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English is no easy task. It is time consuming and tedious. Scholars admit that no translation can ever fully convey what the original language intended. This is why the best scholars in the world are assembled to produce accurate and readable versions of the Bible. Publishers are careful to check and recheck their translations with various experts, as their professional reputations are on the line when producing a new Bible version.

Here are some recent English translations and their respective approaches to translation: 5. Each of these translations is valuable.

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Many find the accuracy and readability of the NIV most appealing. Whichever translation you choose, the words will be easy enough to understand. It is the meaning of those words that you will have to wrestle with! Copy the following code and paste it into your website's code to display this article on your site. Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist. Why are there so many denominations?

Baker Book House Church Connection: The Complete Guide to Bible Translations - A Review

Is there just one God? Or are there many deities, both personal and impersonal? In the Bible, God often commands the Israelites to murder and destroy. Ninety percent of people think Christians are judgmental.

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Why is this, and what needs to change? Jason Malec examines why we experience painful situations in our lives.

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Is our relationship with God dependent on reading the Bible? He discusses the various covers leather, hardcover, paperbacks , Bible paper, cross references, red letter editions, size of print, number of columns, study notes, concordance and margins. I was surprised that for all the discussion on the value of comparing translations he never mentioned parallel Bibles.

The book includes five appendixes. Readers will benefit from Rhodes' book in spite of my occasional cautions.

Posted by Louis at AM. Labels: Book Review. No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Atlanta: John Knox Press, Chapters on different versions by various authors, "expanded from the Duke Divinity School review's spring issue, entitled Recent English versions of the Bible. The Good News Bible and Contemporary English Version receive especially favorable treatment, while literal versions are severely criticized.

Newman chief translator of the Contemporary English Version. Jack P. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, , 2nd ed. Robert L. Fearn, Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, Thomas professor at The Master's Seminary advises the use of literal translations.

Understanding Bible Translations, Parts 1 & 2

Please note: The books listed below contain many falsehoods. They are included in this bibliography only because of their importance as literature of the "King James Only" teaching which arose in some conservative churches during the latter half of the 20th century.