The Courage To Parent: Finding Our Strength . . . Empowering Our Children

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I provide a safe place to talk about feelings, sexuality, and growing up. I help families get along with one another and enjoy being together. I firmly believe that people can heal through the power of the therapeutic alliance between the client and the therapist, while implementing new skills that will improve their situations.

Everyday feels like a battle. You find yourself getting agitated and yelling more than you like. You lie in bed at night wondering how you can do things differently.

How to nurture independence in children, no matter what their age

You are struggling with your role, taking care or your needs, and how to balance it all. You are tired and having a hard time holding it all together. ParentingHeart CPC. Are you tired of yelling, nagging, counting , and resorting to coercion or bribes to get your child to listen?! I can help you discover new ways to embrace parenting and bring peace and harmony into your family life. Scott Davis Psychologist , PsyD. Effective therapy requires a sense that the therapist understands you and what you need to do to feel better.

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My first goal is for you to come away from our initial session feeling like you are on your way to having a greater understanding of yourself and exactly what you need to do. You have a right to start feeling better and becoming a happier and more fulfilled person today. Cortney Weissglass Psychologist , PsyD.

#AskAlicia: How Can Parents TALK With Their CHILDREN About DRUGS & ALCOHOL USE?

I offer treatment and support for issues including academic and learning problems, ADHD, behavioral problems, anxiety and depression, abuse and trauma, adoption and foster care, grief and loss, parenting issues, and parental separation and divorce. I also provide evaluations and consultations to clients of all ages including accommodations in school or standardized testing, ADHD, learning disabilities, Kindergarten readiness, and mood and behavioral difficulties.

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There is no mystery on how to teach them. The first thing you do is treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is love them" a quote by Asa Hilliard. I believe the same is true of adults. Life is a process full of difficulty, discomfort, and disruption. I partner with clients, both young and seasoned, to help them develop tools to navigate life more peacefully.

Office is near:. Sometimes your house and your relationships can feel strained due to the challenges of parenting.

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Parents can feel as if the child is in charge of the emotional barometer of the house. Most parents at some point experience feelings of being overwhelmed and not knowing how to be effective and supportive at the same time. Therapy is a way of taking those first steps toward making positive changes for yourself and your family. By making small changes, you will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling parenting experience. In a nurturing and empowering environment, I utilize science-based mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and relational therapies to help women, teens, kids and parents transform worries and struggles into emotional resilience and strengths.

I specialize in parent-child relationship issues, anxiety, OCD, social engagement, parenting, insomnia, auditory sensitivities, and trauma related challenges. Now you have to be able to deal and heal while co-parenting your children. Your life has taken a turn that you did not foresee and you are having trouble handling the stress, changes, and fluctuation of emotions that come with the transitions while having to muster up the courage to effectively co-parent with your ex-partner. I want to meet parents where they are and help them heal while helping them focus on solutions and offering flexible was work through these challenges via online, video, phone, or in-person counseling.

When family dynamics change, whether due to a unexpected diagnoses, a divorce, or anything in between, we can become so entrenched in managing the situation that we fail to realize we are not managing and growing ourselves and those relationships dearest to us. It could range from big decisions, like where your kids will go to school, to everyday items, such as whether your kids will buy lunch at school or bring a bagged lunch.

When making these kinds of decisions often results in conflict, a Parenting Coordinator may be able to help. A Parenting Coordinator is specially trained to help co-parents work on a Parenting Plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes. The role of a Parenting Coordinator will vary based on what the family needs. In addition to motivating clients towards positive changes, I offer holistic and culturally diverse psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families.

Together, we will create a customized plan to empower you and assist you in reaching your wellness goals. I believe in a collective and holistic way of care that encompasses the "whole" person while seeking to empower and aid my clients on reaching their goals. My goal is to provide clients with a safe space to engage in the therapeutic process and help clients work through difficult life transitions, help develop stress management skills and help clients learn new coping strategies to increase clients' overall sense of well being.

I tailor therapy sessions to the individual needs of clients, as each client is unique. Identifying that you need additional support and accepting the challenge of allowing someone to step in and provide you with that support is a major step in the right direction and requires a lot of courage. Counseling is more than telling a stranger your problems. Maybe you're reaching out for counseling because of a particular problem for yourself or your child.

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It might be you want to feel relief from difficult emotions. Whether it's relationships, family or career challenges, your decision to seek professional counseling from a seasoned, skilled therapist is a wise and brave decision. I am now dealing with high levels of anxiety and feel unable to connect with others in a meaningful way. Do you have any articles for adults to learn resilience if they missed out on this as a child? What happens once the brain is hardwired to not feel safe? Sarah if you tend towards anxiety, this can understandably hold you back from taking risks.

What you need to know is that this is something that can be managed. We all have the capacity to change our brain. The key is to take charge of this response again. Exercise and mindfulness are powerful ways to strengthen an anxious brain. Be patient and be kind to yourself. If this is something that has been with you for a while, it might take a little while to turn it around, but for certain it can be done.

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This is so important for everyone. Not only for children but also for teenagers and adults.

Not as many as refugees, of course, but still. I will quote your article in my workshops and trainings. Thanks a lot!

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Kelsey the sources are all hyperlinked. Social interactions are exhausting and I try to put on a brave face, but am I causing harm by forcing the issue? How will I know when to step in or not step in to help with challenges? This is my biggest challenge as I want to solve the problems and eliminate the disappointment. What should I be asking myself when my child comes upon a difficult situation? I appreciate this article so much, because it gives me more tools to help me help my teenager.

It can be with family, the person who takes makes your coffee, close friends. There are so many ways for us to help build resilience in our kids — modelling healthy social behaviour is just one of them. When your child comes across something difficult, acknowledge the difficulty and the effort your child is putting into it. The clue is to give your child the support they need to get through, not necessarily the support they want. The thing to remember is that the way kids learn how to deal with challenges is by actually dealing with challenges.

Resilience is sometimes that strengthens with experience. Becoming more socially aware can take place via family volunteering and small acts of service, and we have options and opportunities on our website. We also encourage mindfulness, intentional reading, and big-hearted conversations. Kindly visit our website for these tools and more! I love this article.. And the answer, which is a very long talk, but if I only have a few minutes I can tell you the answer is, and you would not imagine that this would be the case, the answer is establishing yourself as a trans-generational person.

That is learning about the history of your family. Learning about the history of your family and where you fit in to the context of this family, which has, when you learn the stories of the family, a oscillating history. If you ask your family, you will find that they have had good times and bad times intergenerationally. Your grandparents may have had a rough times, your parents may have had, but the history of an oscillating family is one in which good things happen and bad things happen.

But the lesson from the oscillating family history is that, although bad things happen, we come back from them. This takes work.