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And John, don't come back. You're not wanted.

02. She Sticks with Him Even Though He Is All Wrong for Her

The following characters have had " daddy issues. Carlton Cuse: Uh… you know that I think father issues are very much a part of the show. Dramatically, that is something that we deal with extensively.

Daddy Issues // All Strings Attached (Part 1)

And that is sort of a thematic thread, and something that is very much a part of how we come up with stories and how we break stories. Damon Lindelof: But, you know, there are obviously… one of the things that we love writing and we feel that fans that watch the show very closely is realizing at what level do certain characters connect to one another?

And there are connections between Mr. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Shannon speaks with her step-mother after her father 's death. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Alex was abducted by Ben who was under orders to kill her when she was only a month old. Ben tells her her mother is dead and later imprisons her boyfriend Karl in order to prevent him from getting Alex pregnant. She has told numerous people that she does not like her father and finds him very manipulative, but shows concern for him when he is threatened and often speaks out or acts to prevent harm from coming to him.

When Alex is held hostage by Keamy, Ben gambles for her life and loses; Keamy kills her and Ben is guilt-ridden for the next three years. Ben's father, Roger always blamed him for the death of his mother, and was neglectful and selfish while Ben was growing up. Roger drank a lot, and always seemed to forget Ben's birthday. After years of neglect and emotional abuse, Ben murdered his father during the purge.

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Claire hardly knew her father as he had a 'real' family in America. This later turned out to be Christian Shephard , Jack's father. Claire's son Aaron was also abandoned by his father, Thomas. Daniel never knew that Charles Widmore was his father. He doesn't play a role in his life, besides sponsoring his research and offering him a job on the freighter.

However, Widmore sends Daniel to the island aware that this will bring his death. Jack Shephard. In the flash-sideways timeline , Jack has a son, David. Jack has a difficult time connecting with David because of his own father issues. Eventually, Jack bonds with David and decides to be a bigger part of his life. Charles Widmore always disapproved of Desmond, considering him not good enough to marry his daughter.

Something happened to Desmond's biological father, leaving him to take care of his three brothers. Hurley was suspicious of his father, as he abandoned him when he was young, but returned when Hurley won the lottery. Linus ". Ilana says that Jacob was the closest thing she ever had to a father, likely because she never knew or had a bad relationship with her biological father.

Also she was left devastated and filled with anger after Ben killed Jacob.

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Jack always thought of his father as an alcoholic. One that arguably shaped him the most was the loss of his daughter Anya, who was killed in a house fire started by people who discovered that he was a mutant.

His love for Magda and Anya was transformative. It enabled him to not only be a caring father and husband, but also an active member of a close knit community. His pain was so great that he killed all the townspeople and destroyed a huge part of the village that he had called home for so long. Like many men, Magneto was never offered and never asked for counselling or help. After Magda, horrified at the mass murder she witnessed Erik commit fled, his descent into villainy and bad fatherhood truly began. Unbeknownst to Erik, his beloved Magda was pregnant with one of the most powerful mutants who would ever live, Wanda Maximoff, as well as her twin brother who was quite fast, Pietro.

To give him credit, Erik is one of the most complex characters that Marvel has ever bothered to create.



This can become an insidious thought that thrives in your brain like a parasite, living off every fear and insecurity. Discovering that Wanda and Pietro were his children once they were both adults, Magneto had already recruited Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants—getting them to risk their lives to fight for the mutant cause as well as pitting them against their half-sister Polaris, an on again off again member of the X-Men.

Oh yes, Erik has another daughter. Even fake android dad Magneto is trash.

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After all, Pietro was only manipulating his sister into creating a world where mutants were the majority and Erik ruled every living thing. Like he consistently tried to in reality.

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And who can blame her? The people, more specifically the men in her world, almost exclusively use her for her powers, attempt to start race wars through her reality altering abilities, or fall madly in love with her. Whilst taking this break she willed two children into existence—who just happened to be soul shards of a demon—and slowly descended into madness, finally having her mind erased by a witch. Thanks Dad. Yes, once again Erik and his beloved Charles—with little to no regard for students—used the school as some kind of emotional battlefield.